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CHIRP File Generator

This CHIRP generator is a work in progress. Some things you should know about this data:

  • Not all data may be parsed correctly. If you see anything abnormal or undesirable in the output, such as a PL tone in the wrong column or badly formatted data, please contact K1IW using the link below.

  • No claims are made to the actual accuracy of the data. Once each week, the ARN server crawls dozens of online repeater lists and aggregates the data. ARN does not maintain its own database, so errors from the crawled source listings will end up here.

  • If there is an incorrect listing, you will need to contact the source of the data. To find the source, go to the main ARN repeater search page and run your search again. The pleasant HTML formatted output will indicate the source of the data.
    List all transmitters within miles of 
    Enter the location as City, ST or coordinates as ddmmssN/ddmmssW .

    VHF UHF/SHF Broadcast
    29 MHz 440 MHz AM
    50 MHz 902 MHz FM
    144 MHz 1.2 GHz TV
    222 MHz
    You may enter a text string which must appear somewhere in the record.
    If you leave this field blank, no filter will be applied.
    Filter is case-sensitive.

     Digital Mode Filter Options:
    Show DMR repeaters only
    Show D-STAR repeaters only
    Show Yaesu System Fusion (YSF) repeaters only
    Clear Digital Options

     Other Options:
    List only the closest transmitter for each frequency.
    Show systems noted as off-air (dark)

    Repeater information is from the NFCC official coordination entity (OCE) when available.
    Otherwise, an alternate is used. Some areas have multiple sources.
    Broadcast transmitter information is obtained from the FCC database.
    Source data details

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